New Informal Mid-Week Turn Up and Chat, Pub and Cafe Meetings

New for 2019, we have added six mid-week events to our Calendar.

These ‘Pub Meets’ are intended to be very low key, socially biased affairs. Either, just turn up under your own steam or, meet up with others in your area and ride in together.

The venues have been selected from around our region and are all either pubs or good cafes.

Please note that if you want to eat, you may need to book ahead in some cases.

February 2019 Journal Notes:

At the time of writing we have not had the New Year’s Day Run or the AGM, hopefully they both went smoothly; we may have new committee members now.

Christmas Dinner and Awards Night saw the following winners: ‘Clubman of the Year’ was Gary Booth, who led three new runs in 2018, Ian Scott, three awards for his outstandingly consistent turnout on his Red Hunter, Brenda Hallard, two Awards, including one for best attendance on Wrinkly Runs.

Other winners were Andy Barnett, Phil Morris and Norris Bomford who scooped the coveted Wooden Spoon Award.

Many thanks to the organisers and The Lygon Arms for the excellent meal.

December Club night included a quiz by Andy Barnett based on the motorcycle theory test.

Looking forward, Club Night at the Lygon Arms is on 5th and the Wrinkly Run is on 28th February.

January 2019 Journal Notes:

Happy New Year!

Back in November we held our annual Bring ’n’ Buy event at Club night. Our regular auctioneer reprised his role, (after missing last year when a new record had been set) and promptly raised the bar again, so thanks to all concerned for giving so generously buying so freely and a special thanks for a great auctioneering performance. This event is a great fundraiser for our section.

We had a well attended Wrinkly lunch and 20 of us attended a ‘Biker Down’ accident procedure and first aid course at a nearby Fire Station, which I would highly recommend to other sections.

Club Night on 8th is our AGM. If you want to make our section even better, and have new and fresh ideas, now’s the time, we may be looking for some new committee members.

20 Members Attend a 'Biker Down' Road Incident First Response Course

Run by the emergency services, ‘Biker Down’ courses are available nationally and they are free to participants.

Even though our members are all experienced road users, we learned many vital first responses to road accident scenes. Not least of all, and an obvious imperative for us, how to deal with a motorcycle helmet under different circumstances.

We also learned about overall incident site management and the latest thinking on being as visible as possible as riders.

Every one of our members thought the 3 hour course, held at the local fire station, was very worthwhile and the Q&A engagement level with the professionals was very high.

December 2018 Journal Notes

We had The Windmill Run and the Chairman’s Idiot’s Run along with the first Wrinkly Lunch.

All were very well attended. Eight members did the Levis Cup Trial in better weather than last year, and three members entered the Colombres Rally in the Picos de Europa mountain region and had a great week.

Our Awards Night and Christmas Dinner is on 1st December and Club Night is on 4th.

The New Year’s Day Run is on 1st January starting from The Square, Chipping Campden.

Seasons Greetings to all our friends in the VMCC

Atop a mountain on the Colombres Rally in Northern Spain October 2018

September 2018 Journal Notes

Sunny July, except on our Cotswold Way Run when it bucketed down!  The Section worked hard and once more the weather turned on us. Well done to those who braved the storms.

Andy Hillsdon took us to Clee Hill, Rusty Hart led the Shadders Run in memory of Simon Shadbolt, raising £117 for cancer research , Clive Wadey led ‘On yer bike night’ and we had well attended Wrinkly Runs from Jeremy Main and John Stirman, stalwart and past secretary of the club. Many thanks to all, especially John, who has put so much into the section over the years.

Thanks also to the members of other sections who have joined us this month on runs, most notably Midland and Banbury, but also, among others, Isle of Wight Section.

Coming up we have The Severn Valley Run on 2nd , Club Night on 4th and the River Run on 16th.