August 2018 Journal Notes

In flaming June we had six excellent runs (one with a ford……) and Fish’n’Chips night.

Seven of us entered the Banbury Run our vice chairman having a rare DNF.

The new Tiddlers Run brought out some smaller bikes and was a great success.

Three of us attended Midland Section’s 70th anniversary at the NMM where we were made very welcome, many thanks to Bob Badland and all the folks for the invitation.

Looking forward, in August we have The Bill Lacey Run with Mark Dudfield on 5th, Club Night ‘Ride In’ on 7th, a Triumph factory tour on 9th, a Vulcan Bomber tour at Wellesbourne on 11th, The Graham Hallard Run (which follows the Banbury Run route) on 19th, a Wrinkly Run from Byfield on 23rd, the Severn Valley Run on 2nd Sept and Club Night ‘Film Night’ on 4th.