February 2019 Journal Notes:

At the time of writing we have not had the New Year’s Day Run or the AGM, hopefully they both went smoothly; we may have new committee members now.

Christmas Dinner and Awards Night saw the following winners: ‘Clubman of the Year’ was Gary Booth, who led three new runs in 2018, Ian Scott, three awards for his outstandingly consistent turnout on his Red Hunter, Brenda Hallard, two Awards, including one for best attendance on Wrinkly Runs.

Other winners were Andy Barnett, Phil Morris and Norris Bomford who scooped the coveted Wooden Spoon Award.

Many thanks to the organisers and The Lygon Arms for the excellent meal.

December Club night included a quiz by Andy Barnett based on the motorcycle theory test.

Looking forward, Club Night at the Lygon Arms is on 5th and the Wrinkly Run is on 28th February.