August 2018 Journal Notes

In flaming June we had six excellent runs (one with a ford……) and Fish’n’Chips night.

Seven of us entered the Banbury Run our vice chairman having a rare DNF.

The new Tiddlers Run brought out some smaller bikes and was a great success.

Three of us attended Midland Section’s 70th anniversary at the NMM where we were made very welcome, many thanks to Bob Badland and all the folks for the invitation.

Looking forward, in August we have The Bill Lacey Run with Mark Dudfield on 5th, Club Night ‘Ride In’ on 7th, a Triumph factory tour on 9th, a Vulcan Bomber tour at Wellesbourne on 11th, The Graham Hallard Run (which follows the Banbury Run route) on 19th, a Wrinkly Run from Byfield on 23rd, the Severn Valley Run on 2nd Sept and Club Night ‘Film Night’ on 4th.

I Don't Believe It! 6th Cotswold Way Run an oasis of rain in a dry summer.

Here we are in an unprecedented heat wave yet our long planned 6th Cotswold Way Run was a very wet affair indeed!

Many thanks to everyone that persevered. As usual the camaraderie made it all worthwhile.

July Journal Notes

We had 4 great runs in May and an excellent number through our Relay rally checkpoint. Thanks to all the run leaders and checkpoint organisers.

In July, club night on 3rd is ‘On Yer Bike’ night. The Gamekeeper Run is on 8th, a Wrinkly Run on 12th, Run TBC on 15th, the Tiddlers Run on 22nd, another Wrinkly Run on 26th and our Premier Event, The Cotswold Way Run, (Regs available, see our website) is on 29th.

June Journal Notes

Excellent April club night talk by John Young on his trip to Norway by Trident combo.

Five of us did the Felix Burke. Good turnout for the Blossom Run. The May Wrinkly and Breakfast Runs, reports to follow.

Looking forward, we have The Long Run on 3rd, ‘Ride In’ Club Night on 5th, The Girder \Rigid Run (all welcome) on 10th, A Wrinkly on 14th, Banbury on 17th , Fish ‘n’Chips at Cherington on 19th, (24th to be confirmed), the next Wrinkly on 28th, then July Club Night is the ‘On Yer Bike’.

May Journal Notes

March was eventful, with a strong contingent from the section attending the AGM. The outcome was in accordance with the overwhelming wish of the section, and appeared to be accepted with good grace by those in office, after a rather bruising meeting.

It was good to hear the incoming President echo our section’s views regarding the direction the Club should take.

Glyn Buckler was busy as Guest Speaker and Wrinkly Lunch host and Brenda Hallard stepped in to lead the March Hare run following Mark Dudfields rumoured deportation to Australia.

May’s Clubnight Speaker is Mike Bolton on his career as a Prison Governor (1st May).

Our Relay Rally Checkpoint will open at 9.30am (not 9.00) outside The Lygon Arms in Chipping Campden.

Then we have the Bluebell run from Campden (13th) Wrinkly Run from Evesham (17th), Super Sausage Run (20th) and Wrinkly Run from Norton Lindsey (31st ). Further details on this website.

April Journal Notes

February was quiet, as usual, with Club Night taken up with a discussion on the voting process. Which way the AGM will go, we do not know at time of writing.

Thanks to Gary Booth for an excellent talk on the Barcelona Motor Museum and the Isle of Man film that followed.

Bob Ashwin’s first ever Wrinkly Lunch was a triumph.  I’m sure Graham would have been as pleased as I hope Brenda was.

Looking forward, Club Night on 3rd April features an unmissable talk by John Young on another of his epic trips aboard his much modified Trident. Then, on the 8th a foolhardy group of us will tackle the Felix Burke Trial.

The Blossom Run will follow the next week, then, on 29th, a welcome return of the Breakfast Run.

We also have two Wrinkly Runs on 12th April and the 26th.